To all my Queen followers;

I love you. But sometimes this fandom is the most judgemental fandom ever.

If Queen don’t do anything you get pissed off, if they announce they’re headlining a festival with Adam Lambert, you get pissed off.

Make up your fucking minds or stop complaining about it.

Roger and Brian can do whatever they fucking want and they can call themselves Queen because why shouldn’t they? Plus, it’ll always be Queen + Adam Lambert, so stop freaking out about it. 

They’re keeping Queen alive. That’s why they call themselves Queen. Everyone knows Queen, it would be fucking weird to change their name now. 

♥ 18 — 2 years ago on 20 Feb 2012
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    Jess, you always say smart things!
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    Queen without Freddie = not Queen. Queen without either Brian, Roger, or John = not Queen. Queen = Freddie Mercury +...
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